Paper on phases of speciation accepted at Nature EE – cover by Moe

Dear visitor(s),

It’s been a while I did not update my website.

After many rounds of review our paper on genomic phases of speciation in Timema stick insects has been accepted in Nature EE. Many thanks to all people involved in this work.

You can find the paper here. And the story behind the paper here.

The other good news is that Moe’s wonderfull picture of a red-headed Timema bartmani was selected as a cover for the issue. Congrats to Moe!



Website content finally updated

Dear Visitor(s),

After a long period without much time to spend on my website (many exciting results to produce that we’ll try to publish soon hopefully!) I finally updated all contents.

My contract in the Nosil lab came to an end in November (ERC funding gone) and even if I would really like to stay in Patrik’s lab a few more years, I may have to go somewhere  else (I don’t have so much money on the side) and am looking for postdoc opportunities.



Website opening

Hello dear visitor(s),

It’s been a while I wanted to make a website, here it is !

I’ll try to make it useful for students looking for protocols / scripts and (hopefully) for researchers looking for my paper’s pdf…